Are these really real entries from your housemate’s diary?



Yes, really.

I don’t believe you.

That’s OK – I’m not out to con anyone.  You can think what you want.  Enjoying the site is the main thing.

If they are real, then what the hell’s wrong with you?  You can’t put them online!

It’s too late, I’ve done it.

Does your housemate know you’ve done this?

No, and if you know him don’t tell him that I have!  It would end badly for me if he finds out.

Do you like your housemate?

Yes, very much so.  He’s a nice guy (once you get to know him).  He’s also very funny, which is why reading his private thoughts is so enjoyable.

Where does he hide his diary?

It’s more about where he hides the key to his bedside cabinet (in his wardrobe).  All his diaries are in there.

How many diaries are there?

Lots, they go back years… although they aren’t written in proper diaries that you buy, just notebooks, so they’re more of a journal I guess – unfortunately it’s too late to change the name.

How did this all start?

The way things often do – as revenge!

Revenge for what?

No spoilers!

Can you upload a picture of Gareth?

Hell no!  Then he’ll definitely find out.   I will occasionally Tweet some Gareth related images and also put them on the Facebook page, so ‘follow/like’ to enjoy them – there’s already a picture of two boiled eggs and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that.  He also does all sorts of scribbles over the diaries, little drawings and so on – they’re pretty shit, so those will definitely go up every now and then.

If you’re so worried about getting caught, why haven’t you changed anyone’s names?

How do you know I haven’t?

What happens if he finds out?

I’m in trouble!  Also, I think it’s a matter of when, rather than if.

Why keep doing it if you risk getting a kicking?

The site’s been going for a few years now, I never thought I’d keep it going for that long.  It turns out people really enjoy the roller-coaster ride that is Gareth’s life and keep coming back for more. Closing the site down isn’t an option now, I have too many people dependent on updates, so my only option is to make Gareth a legion of fans, so that when he finds out, I can present them to him and he’ll see that he’s a hero.  He might use his army of followers to give me a kicking, I guess.

Why don’t you get it published?

I’ve been approached by a couple of publishers.  They thought it wasn’t real.  When they found out it was they walked away – it’s a copyright nightmare.

Why don’t you publish it yourself?

It’s already on this site, so who would buy it?  Also, I don’t have time to work out how.

Is Hannah as fit as Gareth portrays her?


Why have you started the entries from 1st April 2009 on this site?

No particular reason other than it’s the first entry I read and it made me laugh, so I thought it was as good as any date to start.

Are you still adding new entries?  It’s February 2016 and you’re only on 2010!

Yes I am.  I will continue to do so until I no longer have access to his diaries (if he or I move out/he or I die in some way).

How often do you add new entries?

At the moment there is an update every week (of a varying amount of days).  To get more entries I have to wait for him to go out, steal the diary and transcribe it – which takes some time.  I’ve got a load stockpiled at the moment, but sometimes I run out if I don’t get enough access.

Why don’t you take photos of/scan the diaries and then transcribe them at your leisure?

I’ve tried this, and yes it did mean I could transcribe at my leisure, but it also felt like I constantly had homework to do, and that’s boring.  This way, if Gareth’s about, I don’t have to feel bad about not doing any work on it.  Also, I like the danger element.  Only nearly been caught twice.  Also, this site is just a bit of fun, everything else comes first, so sometimes I just don’t get around to doing things with it (which is why occasionally months pass with no updates).

How do I find out when you have added more?

In the words of that clothed rat from the adverts – ‘Simples!’  Either check back here every so often, follow the site on Twitter using the button on the right, stick your email in the subscribe box (mails may go in your junk box though, so keep on the lookout for it), or ‘Like’ the official Facebook page (click on the button at the bottom and it will take you there).

How do I get one of those My Housemate’s Diary T-shirts or badges you  give away?

I often announce random giveaways.  To be notified when, Follow on Twitter, like the Facebook page and subscribe.

I love this site, how can I help?

I need money, and lots of it… no, not really.  If you like the site then help to promote it – help make Gareth unknowingly famous!  Tweet the URL, or retweet my Tweets.  Like all the pages on this site.  Like the official Facebook page.  Tell your friends – send emails or Tweets or pigeons if that’s what you’re into.  If you’re a member of a forum, any forum, tell the other members about the site – I’ve had people coming from all sorts of places.

How can I get my question answered in the FAQs?

Any way you like.  Send me an email, post a comment below, Tweet me or use any other form of communication.


  1. tom says:

    Is this for real? I know he says it is in the faqs but is it really for real? i want it to be.

    1. marcus says:

      I think it is. I had doubts to begin with because it’s so funny, but having read it all, he just seems like a funny guy and is probably trying to be funny in his diaries – it’s probably more enjoyable to write them that way.

  2. Sarah says:

    This site is amazing.

  3. Bob Daily says:

    Why not scan the diaries? Then you can get a whole bunch onto your computer to transcribe at your leisure and reduce the risk of getting caught.

  4. Fred the Pleb says:

    I agree with Bob. Well said Bob.

    Do as Bob says Ed, then we don’t have to wait so long for updates… I hate the waiting. I need more Gareth NOW!!!!!!

  5. Tom says:

    Is Hannah as fit as Gareth portrays her?

  6. Ames says:

    Are you really Gareth?????

    1. Ed (The Ed) says:

      No, I’m really not.


  7. addicted says:

    cant wait for more Gareth!!!!!!!!!! just seen the write up in the Edge and everyone in work have been reading since 10:30 im now finished and need more will be on the look out for you all in Chelmo lol

    1. Ed (The Ed) says:

      Oh dear, this whole Edge thing could end very badly for me, I’m beginning to realise.


  8. addicted says:

    i hope not!!!!!!! shall i collect all in the town so he wont find one?????????

    1. Ed (The Ed) says:

      Burn them, burn them all… No don’t! That’s a fire hazard.


  9. addicted's friend says:

    you are a genius!!!

  10. Rich says:

    Who won the giveaway then?

    1. admin says:

      Naomi! Well done her.

  11. Liss says:

    How old is Gareth?

    1. Ed (The Ed) says:

      32. In the diary, though, he is currently 29.

  12. Simon says:

    Well, unless you post photos, I will continue to think it’s fake.
    That Edge thing, and giving the fact that your writing/sense of humor and his are too much alike, I’m pretty sure it’s all a made up story.
    I’ll continue to read because it’s entertaining nonetheless haha

    1. Gareth's Confident Colleague says:

      Like you, Simon, I think this is probably fake, although I still hold onto the hope that it’s real, and either way I still love it.

      My reasons though are that A: surely no one would actually do this for real? If they did they’d be the biggest arsehole, and B: surely Gareth would have found out by now?

      I’ve got 3 flatmates and have lived with them for a few years. We all have a similar sense of humour – that’s why we get on so well, so I’m not sure that you saying Ed and Gareth’s humour being too similar is a giveaway.

      Also, do men actually keep diaries? I never have.

      1. Simon says:

        Based on the sense of humour alone, yes you are right. But their writing style is very similar too.Which doesn’t prove anything, but it surely create doubtfulness.

        1. Gareth's Confident Colleague says:

          There’s reasons for and against in every argument I guess.

          I’d love to see a photo of the diaries, if they are real.

  13. Sarah says:

    You are obviously a big fan of Adrian Moles diaries…..

    1. Ed (The Ed) says:

      They are amazing! Although I wish they were real. Nothing beats the thrill of stealing a diary from a friend/loved one.

  14. Jay says:

    Dear Ed,
    Does he ever get back with Hannah or does he find someone else?

    1. Ed (The Ed) says:

      I’m afraid I can’t give away any spoilers.

      1. Jay says:

        Aww that makes me sad.

  15. Rich says:

    Can you give some sort of estimate for Beth’s size/weight? I can’t tell if she is huge or a little on the large side and Gareth is just a dick about her.

    1. tara says:

      I agree! I cant figure out if she is morbidly obese or just not super fit.

  16. Consumer says:

    Ed, can you sell things? Perhaps like t shirts? or sell the badges you make? I think for sure we would like to buy some merchandise!:))))))

    1. Ed (The Ed) says:

      Hmmmm… I wouldn’t really know how to go about that. I’m not in it to make a buck, so I’m not after people’s money…. although, when Gareth finds out it would soften the blow if I’ve earnt him some cash!

      1. Grateful says:

        Haha, you should work on that before he finds out. I’m quite worried about your health when that day comes………..

  17. A random says:

    Where can I find the “horrific/gruesome/disgusting/harrowing update”? This is so amazing, its genius haha!

    1. Gruesome says:

      It’s in March, 13th and 14th. He only got to add a couple of days this week.

  18. PerfectPrince says:

    Ed do you keep a diary?

    1. Ed (The Ed) says:

      God no. People put it on the internet!

      1. PerfectPrince says:

        Good point. Gareth might publish a rival sight.

  19. Megan says:

    Can I take Gareth’s writing and turn them into a web series or show? I think it’d be great since it’s so hilarious already.

  20. nancy says:

    So did Hannah break up with Gareth because she saw this site and found out what a tool he is? LOL!

  21. Love it! says:

    Is Gareth still with Hannah now? 🙂 (05/12/14)

  22. daveb says:

    brilliant and addictive. just subscribed. i’m curious to know how people stumbled accross it cos i was given a web address for something completely different and it took me directly here. fortunately. but strangely

  23. Des says:

    Is this still going or have you finally been rumbled ?
    I loved this a few years back and then I totally forgot about it.
    Today I had a weird flashback so I excitedly came back on and it hasn’t been updated . Sad times.

    1. Ed (The Ed) says:

      It’s not dead. It’s resting. Maybe it’s time to wake it up?

      1. :] says:

        6 weeks on, the hibernation continues…

      2. Glados says:

        Wake it up please!

        *throws alarm clock at website*

  24. Andy says:

    Just found this the other day. Could not stop reading excellent absolutely excellent.
    Is Gareth a 30yr old Adrian Mole ?
    Thanks so much for this a real gem on the web real or not.

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