January 2011

Saturday 1st January

14 stone 4! Fuck’s sake!!! What is going on? I know what’s going on. It’s the third of a bottle of vodka I drank last night because it was stupid New Year’s Eve.

Hadn’t really done the maths until now. A third of a litre bottle is 333 millilitres. A standard shot of vodka is 25ml. That means I had 13 shots of vodka last night, or thereabouts, it’s actual just over that. 55 calories in a shot of vodka, so that’s nearly 800 calories in all. Plus god knows how much from the apple juice I drank it with. It’s a hell of a lot, but doesn’t make sense considering I burnt over 800 calories yesterday on my run alone, and didn’t have any other carbs and ate healthily. Stupid.

No more booze before Center Parcs, I mean it. I can get drunk when I’m there.

So annoying. Pathetic reliance on alcohol.

Sunday 2nd January

14 Stone 3.  Somebody shoot me!  Didn’t drink today, but I might as well of. I’ve screwed it all up. I should be in the 13 stone region, but I’m not. I’m still in the obese region. Really hard not to just give up and go mental with the unhealthy stuff – Panda’s got one of those big tubes of Jelly Tots downstairs… and that’s not a euphemism.

Monday 3rd January

14 stone 3 still. Annoying but expected worse, especially as I did the whole of Panda’s tube of Jelly Tots last night. Felt really ill afterwards, probably because I’d eaten so many and also my body wasn’t used to having much refined sugar in it. I think that the exercise has caught up. Imagine how light I’d be if I hadn’t had all the booze? Tomorrow morning is going to be a horrible time on the scales when the Jelly Tots have caught up.

Didn’t exercise today, my knee’s a bit achy, probably because I’ve been over doing it. Don’t want to make it any worse.

Tuesday 4th January

14 stone 4. That will be the Jelly Tots kicking in. It’s made me all depressed, so I’m drinking vodka and Red Bull. That’s will be another pound added on tomorrow.

Wednesday 5th January

14 stone 6.  This is all going so wrong, but because I’ve broken it so much, by drinking and eating sweets and so on, I’m feeling depressed and have had more booze.  Tried to go for a run after work but my knee’s hurting too much, so I had to give up.  I give up on life.

Thursday 6th January

14 stone 6.  Started the day with good intentions by going for a long walk and eating some fruit and veg. Ended it with a box of chocolate fingers and a bottle of Iron Bru. I’m going to look a mess at Center Parcs.

Friday 7th January

14 stone 5.  That will be yesterday’s healthy start kicking in.  The unhealthy finish will soon catch up.  Dunno why I’m bothering to weigh myself, the whole thing is screwed.

With it being screwed, and the realisation that I’m destined to become one of those fat guys, I embraced it and went to the pub after work with Martyn.  He wants to move in with Beth but is too scared to ask her.  Join the club!… not that I want to live with Beth!  Eugh.

Carried on drinking with Ed and Panda when I got home.  We watched Poltergeist.  Still holds up!  What did the little girl do when she needed a piss whilst on the otherside?  They don’t cover that.  We’re going to watch Poltergeist 2 when one of us can get hold of a copy.  Must only be a couple of quid in HIV.  Poltergeist 3 after that.


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