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Welcome to My Housemate’s Diary, the most privacy invading website on the internet.

A while ago now, I found my housemate’s personal diaries.  Like any good friend, I promptly began transcribing what was written and publishing it on here for all to see.  Who wouldn’t, right?

So if you like nosing into other people’s business, reading other people’s private thoughts, hearing rather detailed descriptions of a stranger’s attempts at having a sex life, then you’ve come to the right place.  Be warned though, it’s quite fruity in places, and extremely explicit in others.

It all begins in April 2009, so click on the link to your right or from the drop down menu above and enjoy the innermost thoughts of a man you’ve never met.

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(and just to remind you, there is currently an update every week, so don’t get scared that it currently ends in 2010 – more is making its way onto the site).